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For past few weeks a new trend is arising on Instagram, 3D Zoom Photo Effect. People are taking their vertical photos & putting some kind of 3D effect & putting some kind of a funky music actually makes it cool. The new trend is also circulating in TikTok. (1) It adds a whole new dimension to your mediocre camera picture. Seeing many Instagram photographers are playing with it, let’s see how it is done. “3D Zoom Photo Effec” (1)

How To Do The 3D Photo Trend

1.  First to get this effect you need to download the app CapCut, available on both Android & iOS platforms.

2.  Next the app gives you option to import photos & videos. It also provide stock videos to work with. However, this effect works properly with pictures, so import 11 (preferably) vertical photos. Vertical photos if you are making it for Instagram or TikTok.

3.  Now select your first photo, go to Effects in the below horizontal option list & add 3D zoom effect to all of your photos.

4.  Then change the duration of the first 4 photos to 0.5 seconds & the rest 7 photos to 0.3 seconds. If you see that the effects are not visible on some photos then you have to  apply them separately. Again I’ll advise you to first apply the 3D zoom effect & then change the duration so that if you see the effect is not applied properly on all photos then you have to adjust the duration again.

5. Once you are done you can export it by going to the right top corner icon & can share directly to your social media.


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