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Google Photos earlier used to provide unlimited backup for all your photos at high resolution. But few days back Google announced the news of taking away this privilege on this May. That means if you don’t download your pictures within the stipulated date then you may end up losing them permanently. “Google brings new storage management tool”

How To Backup Your Google Photos’ Images

However, Google Photos  has introduced a new storage management tool that will help users to backup their files upto 15GB. This service will be in effect from June 1, 2021 onwards. On a Google blog it has been shared about the announcements that states that Google Photos that all free Google accounts will have 15GB storage limit, shared across Google Photos, Google Drive & Gmail. To clear any confusion of users Google is naming ‘High quality storage’ option to ‘Storage Saver’. The Storage tool will provide you suggestions to delete photos if they are not proper say, blurry or screenshots or large video files that are occupying too much space. “Google brings new storage management tool”

People who do not want to take Google One subscription will advantage greatly from this new Storage Google tool. Google will also provide estimates of when a user is likely to run out of free 15GB storage space–>


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