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Google Photos is one of the most popular photo apps for managing and sharing & editing your photos. This AI-based platform provides a lot of advanced functionality & features, prebuilt on Android phones & downloadable on iOS devices. One of its advanced features includes its capability to recognize the faces of people & pets on images. Along with it Google Photos will now allow you to create personalized themed movies. “Google Photos Themed movie”

Google Photos will offer options to create themed movies including Mothers Day movies, selfie movies, memorial day movies, and movies on your pets, & many more. For this, you need to have the latest version of the Google Photos app. Secondly, you should have a number of recognizable photos in the Google Photos app to create a themed movie. Now if you are ready & have a good collection of photos then let’s begin with the process of Google’s movie-making.,Google photos themed movie, how to make movie in google photos app, how to create themed movies in Google Photos, Google Photos,


It’s pretty simple & self-explanatory. Open Google Photos & tap on ‘Library’ which is at the bottom right-hand side of the screen. Then tap on the ‘Utilities’ option and then select the ‘Movie’ option on your screen. In the Movie option, you’ll see Meow Movie, Doggie Movie, and selfie movie among other movie options. Just select the kind of movie you want Google to create for you. Google will ask you to select a person, or animal, as appropriate. Your work is done. Just sit back & relax as
Google Photos creates the movie in the background and once it’s completed, you will get a notification.

After your movie is ready you can even edit it & adjust it according to your taste. Google provides some adjustable options for you. While playing the movie on the app, there’s an edit option at the bottom of the page. It allows you to change the basics such as add or remove images, change the order of images & soundtrack.



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