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With usual global songs & podcasts, Spotify is extending its variation of contents. During this pandemic situation, it’s just a few miles away when the next lockdown will be announced. During such period people need motivation from whichever medium possible to cope up with the fear & depression of the COVID situation. Seems like users of all age can get some values from the new contents it’s providing. “These SPOTIFY PODCASTS Are Motivating Us At The Pandemic Times”

Coronavirus Global Update:

Spotify is providing daily updates on the spread of COVIS-19 around the world. It presents reports from affected areas, the latest medical information & the global impact on other things like travel, health, etc.

Mental Health Podcast:

Probably the most important discussion of this period is mental health for all ages. Popular experts like SHIREEN KHANDELWAL share their views & what must be done to have mental peace. Below is the list of best mental health podcasts on Spotify that will help you cope with the pandemic :

 Daily Yoga:

Daily yoga & physical/mental health is another important podcast that Spotify has. Take care of your health with its short yoga sessions. Workout to strengthen different parts of your body with this podcast. Here is a playlist that you can follow on Spotify:

Health Charcha:

These podcasts share the latest medical therapies & ways to take care of your health. This is not necessarily related to Covid but health in general. A playlist is provided below for you:

The #SOS Show with Suchita:

Very real & important show where lot of beliefs around mental health are demystified. The podcast targets to break taboos around mental health, brought to you by Ep.Log Media & Metaphysical Lab.

Ted Health:

A podcast where TED speakers answer surprising questions from smart daily habits to new medical breakthroughs. They share ideas that we don’t get to hear anywhere else, based on how we can heal our & others’ lives. The link is provided below:

3 Things:

3 Things is a podcast where hosts Shashank Bhargava & Snigdha Sharma talk to domestic experts about the information on various vaccine policies, restrictions & several important things.


Coronavirus- Fact vs Fiction:

When social media is full of gossip & misguiding facts about the current situation that we are going to it is really difficult to cling to a proper source of information. The CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta shares the latest news about Coronavirus as he has conversations with experts.

Not Perfect Podcast:

This podcast is equally mandatory for us to get rid of day-to-day stress & panics. This podcast is about how you can heal your trauma & keep your mind clean in these difficult times. It talks about your overall well-being & ways to cope up with difficult times. Also available on Apple Podcasts.


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