Macbook Pro 13- with Latest M1 Chip.

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Macbook Pro 13 is the brand new Macbook 2020 model with latest M1 chip, 8GB RAM and 512GB storage.
Opening the box, you will usually get to see the
Macbook Pro 13 with necessary guide papers and a slip with two sophisticated’ Apple’ stickers provided. It comes with 61W output USB Type-C to C cable.

MacBook Pro 13 Features

The physical look and thickness is just like it’s previous models and when MacBook Pro 13 is first switched ON, it automatically boots itself. On one side there is two USB-C format USB ports and a light groove is provided to open the screen more comfortably. On other side we get to see a headphone jack. Usually in other 13-inch variant, previously there used to be two extra USB ports which are missing on this model. It’s not a problem though it’s just that having ports distributed on both sides gives us flexibility options for connecting accessories.

MacBook Pro 13, MacBook Pro 13 Review

The unibody aluminum design of the base makes this model premium and so is the top. It offers a 13.3 inch retina display. The screen quality is definitely good as we know the display of MacBooks are always properly calibrated to suit different work purpose and preference. A full-size keyboard with a narrow touch bar on top of it for easy access of options make it too flexible in appearance too.
The fingerprint sensor that acts as Touch ID also works smoothly.

Talking about Apple M1 chip performance, it’s a 5nm based octa-core chip which combined with 8 core CPU, 8 core GPU and 16 core advanced Neural engine that offers up to 11x faster ML performance; the functions and user experience is extremely smooth and as all Apple products, there’s no chance if lagging. The M1 chip is a game changer. This model with such specs is the top machine for productive works.

The speakers are also impressive, producing crystal clear sound quality, nothing less than expectation, if anything, it’s more. The battery has also been improved than its predecessor. According to the company you can enjoy video playing for straight 20 hours and 17 hours of non-stop web browsing.

The starting price of MacBook Pro 13 in India is ₹1,22,900 (8 core CPU+8 core GPU+256GB storage) and the next model (512GB storage) at ₹1,42,900.

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