Corsair HS35 Stereo Gaming Headset

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If you are a gamer and looking for a headset to push your audio experience, then Corsair HS35 might be your choice of headset. It is a stereo gaming headset with support for both smartphone and PC usage. “NEVER MISS A BEAT” is what its tagline that you get to see on the side face of the box; pretty strong phrase to claim. It costs ₹3799 on Amazon.

Corsair HS35
Corsair HS35

Corsair HS35 Features:

It has mesh and foam earcups, custom tuned 50mm audio drivers, detachable noise cancelling mic and on-ear volume controls. Comes with a microphone which connects to the left earcup on the headset. It has a 3.5mm audio splitter for PC use. Lastly it gives an extra mic hole cover to save you in case you lose the origin pre-attached mic hole cover.
The headset looks and feels very premium and is light indeed, although it might not feel that durable. The body is made of plastic, only the adjusting mechanisms have some metal construction.
On the back of left earcup there are the on-ear volume controls and mute button. At the front there’s a mic hole provided. Lastly it uses a 3.5mm audio jack for connectivity and cable length is 1.8m.

Corsair HS35
Corsair HS35

This headset is lightweight and the cushion on the earcups (combination of foam and mesh) are really good for the price you’re paying; so no issue regarding the comfort on your ears as it remains comfortably for hours at a time around your head. The earcups are plenty wide which is a good fit for larger ears (I hope).

Corsair HS35 Sound quality:

The audio quality is really good although it doesn’t come with virtual surround sound and iq software support. It has adequate amount of bass, nice treble and good sound clarity. Although the mesh earcups are not nose-resisting and you might hear surrounding background noise.

Corsair HS35
Corsair HS35

Corsair HS35 Mic:

About the mic, obviously being a budget friendly headset, if you talk too close to the mic, it will pick up unwanted voice sounds which you might wanna avoid. Just don’t do anything that will be distracting for your experience and you will be good. Don’t worry, the mic is Discord Certified.

In conclusion, this headset can be bit costly for some people if you are looking for a budget friendly headset. But again, keeping in mind the sound quality and the comfort it comes with, I think ₹3600 is acceptable. Then again, the built quality is not that good(can damage if used roughly), it’s average you can say. So people might lookout for other affordable options when there are many actually.

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