Xertz Carbon XZ0 Lets You Hear Audio

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Xertz Carbon XZ0 is a promising device for someone who wants to prefer it over headphones or earbuds.  It’s one of the finest stereo technology from Xertz, a London-based start-up company backed by Indian tech firm Shree Samiri Technologies. It allows you to hear music and your surrounding sounds at the same time unlike any other. I think this kind of device gives you more options if you are a sportsman or anyone who prefers music during any physical activity. It has a sweat-and-weather-resistant design that is built for the outdoors. It does have a pretty strong build with sound quality similar to that of a Bose product. “Xertz Carbon XZ0 audio sunglasses

Now let’s see the Specs

A sophisticate looking sunglass that offers a cutting-edge combination of design and performance. It comes in both audio frames reading glasses and sunglasses variants. The Carbon X20 series glasses are dirt & splash-proof. The lenses have DIAM coating and EXT layer which is water and oil resistant. It has anti-glare sun lens which makes them safe for the eyes and also makes it a promising glass while driving. The glasses come with a magnetic charge port and directional audio speakers for music and voice calls that can be switched with just a press of a button. “Xertz Carbon XZ0 audio sunglasses”

techdriod.com, Xertz Carbon XZ0, Xertz earphone, xertz bass hunter pro,

Other features include Integrated Bluetooth 4.1, 200 mAh battery, and get up to three hours playback once fully charged. It is available in India at Rs 9,999 via Xertz.in.


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