The DJI FPV Drone Is A Game Changer

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DJI brings you the very new DJI FPV all-in-one drone  & it is the hottest topic for all the DJI fans. It is undoubtedly the most interesting drone from the company. DJI has taken a traditional drone & modernized it in a way that all components are perfectly organized on the body frame, seamlessly integrated into its external shell. The controller provided is somewhat looking & feels like a gaming controller. DJI also introduced their all-new DJI motion controller which makes the experience of flying more unique to the users.

DJI FPV Goggles, dji fpv drones
DJI FPV Goggles

It is more like a VR controller & you can control the motion by simply tilting it. In DJI FPV drone the only way you can see the view is by the DJI FPV Goggles V2  provided that give you a complete VR experience & its pretty dope. Both the controllers have USB-A to USB-C charging type.


dji fpv, dji frone, dji fpv drone, dji googles, dji fpv googles, dji motion controller
DJI FPV Motion Controller
Different DJI FPV Modes

DJI FPV Drone has three modes in it- normal, sport & manual. The Normal mode gives you a similar experience of flying any other normal DJI drone; means flying at a flat level without tilting & all. It maintains its altitude by auto-leveling feature. This mode is suitable for beginners as the speed is constant at 31mph. Easy to control & gives you the basic experience.

dji fpv, dji frone, dji fpv drone, dji googles, dji fpv googles, dji motion controller

The Sport mode is a simplified mode of FPV, you slowly feel how its going to be at full FPV mode. It is a lot faster than the normal mode. The drone will still auto-level itself and hold its altitude & speeds up to 60 mph in the sport mode. Finally the Manual mode- you can do all the flips & flops you want in the world. It is what I call ‘full-on FPV’mode. It takes 2 seconds to speed up from 0-60 mph with a loud shrill noise & can speed up to as much as 97 mph. You have to maintain the positioning of the drone at all times & be very careful as it might crash into something if you can’t control it properly. Honestly speaking it takes a lot to master this fast pace control. Another cool thing is you can even pause it seamlessly while in air. So it’s better to practice with sport mode before entering the manual mode.

DJI FPV Camera

The DJI FPV has the same 1/2.3-inch sensor as the $450 Mini 2. However, it may not match the capabilities of DJI’s more advanced photo and video-focused drones.  A 150 degree super-wide camera, it performs well in daylight but starts showing its downsides in darker environments with lagging details with lots of noise (pretty common condition). It films 4K at 60fps — perfect for slowing down footage for those thrilling close shots. Additionally, you can also shoot at 1080p at 120fps.

dji fpv, dji frone, dji fpv drone, dji googles, dji fpv googles, dji motion controller
Photo Credit: Drone DJ

You get the DJI FPV drone, the DJI FPV Goggles V2, DJI motion controller & a battery for $1299 USD. And for another $299 USD you can add on the Fly More Kit that consists of two more batteries, a multi-battery charger. Now if you want the DJI FPV controller then the price is an extra $199 USD.  So it is very expensive for a starter first-person drone. A complete ‘in the box’ list is provided below:

dji fpv, dji frone, dji fpv drone, dji googles, dji fpv googles, dji motion controller


The only drawback is since it is such a hi-tech gadget, it obviously demands more energy. A fully charged battery starts exhausting after 3 mins of constant use give or take. But in general the battery has 20-minute flight times. Secondly, it gives a completely new experience even if you are a  drone expert. Flying through tress, mountains & concrete structures at 80 miles an hour can be very exciting yet intimidating at first. So what if you crash it?
Here is a price list for replacements of any parts:



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