New video and photo editor in Google Photos

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Google Photos is getting a new video and photo editor. The tools of this editor are similar to those that exists previously in the app. The new video editing tools in Google Photos have some updates to make the works smooth, easy and intuitive.

Meanwhile, the photo editing features that were exclusive to Google Pixel are now made available in non-Pixel devices too. The very new video editor is now available in iOS devices. The same will land on Android devices very soon.

Besides this Google will also launch it’s very own photo editor exclusive to Pixel. Google said it will be available to wider audience. Obviously these editor will have some specs requirement and unless you have them checked you won’t be able to use it. Users will need a subscription to Google One to access it.

What are we getting in these editors?

The new Google Photos video editor.

You’ve obviously used the Google Photos picture editor right? If you are familiar with it, the video editor controls will be pretty much same. You can do simple tasks like Basic Adjustments, Cropping and Trimming. You will be able to add filters too to make the videos vibrant.

 The new Google Photos photo editor.

As said earlier, the Google Photos new photo editor is paywalled for non-Pixel users. Besides this you will get the pre-existing editing tools from Google. So that’s a good thing.
In the new Photo editor you have some cool tools like adding Color Pop, Portrait Blur and Portrait Light.

Video and photo editor in google photos

Sad thing is if you don’t own a Pixel device you won’t be able to access these features. For that you need to subscribe to Google One.

Google Photo Specs Requirement

So what are the appropriate hardware to use these tools?  will need at least 3GB of RAM and Android 8 Oreo or latest versions. Since Google One is new it is a clever way to earn customers with these little steps.

These features will land land primarily on Pixels and as said, on iOS. But it’s not certain if iOS users will have access to it. Android users will get it very soon.

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