How to Manage Free Space on Apple Watch

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Here’s a guide that may help you to manage free space on Apple Watch by explaining a few steps about How to Free Space on your Apple Watch.

There isn’t much room on your Apple Watch for music, podcasts, and all other content you might want to install on it, unlike the iPhone or iPad. You will get 32GB of space with Apple Watch Ultra, Series 8, 7, 6, 5, and SE, but it depends on which version you use. On the Series 4 and Series 3 GPS + Cellular models, however, you only get 16GB, while the Series 3 GPS model gets 8GB.

Generally, your Apple Watch occupies too much space with two large files, including songs and photos, and apps that occupy the rest. In order to use the song and photos offline, you must first check the space your Apple Watch consumes.

Check Apple Watch Storage Space to see if there is any free space

Check your Apple Watch’s storage space directly by doing the following.

1. Go to Settings from your AppleWatch Home Screen.

2. Select General below the My Watch tab.

3. Tap Usage.

You can now see the storage category, which displays the available and used space. Swipe down your screen to see what type of content occupies how much space.

Uninstall unnecessary apps

Hopefully you now know which application takes up the most storage so that you can delete it if you no longer need it.

You can view deleted apps on your iPhone by using the Watch app.

  1. Open the App and scroll down the My Watch Screen until you see the installed Apple Watch.2.

  2. Tap the name of the App you want to delete, then turn off the Show App switch on your Apple Watch; eventually, the App will be deleted.

In the previous screen, the App now appears in the Available App category, where you can always reinstall it on your Watch.

To remove an app directly from the Watch, follow these steps.

  • You can view all your apps on your Home screen by pressing the Digital Crown.
  • When the Home screen is in Grid View, press down on any icon until it shakes.
  • Tap the X button on the App to remove it and tap Delete App. Press the Digital Crown to prevent the icons from shaking.

Press the Digital Crown to see the Home screen with all your apps on your phone interface. If the Home screen is in Grid position, slightly tap on any icon until they all shake.

1 Tap on the X button on the App you want to delete.

2 Now Tap Delete App entry to confirm.

To delete an application from your Watch, swipe through the list on the Home screen until you see it. Tap the trash icon next to the App’s entry on the left.

Get more space on your Apple Watch by deleting music

When you open the Watch app on your iPhone, swipe down the My Watch section and select Music.

To see how much space you have left, turn off the Recent Music option. Later, tap on the Edit button in the upper right corner to delete the recently played albums.

You can delete any playlist or album by tapping the Delete icon.

Follow these instructions if you want to delete the album directly from your Apple Watch.

1. Swipe down every album thumbnail on your Watch until you see iPhone & Library entries.

2. Next, select Albums and swipe under the screen until you see the album you want to remove.

Tap the ellipsis next to the album name and select the Remove button. The App will ask you whether you want to delete the album from your Library or from the Watch itself. Tap Remove Download.

The photo sync needs to be fixed

Apps don’t take up much space on the Apple Watch. Instead, photos and music do. So you can change the setting for transferring your photos from your phone to your watch.

Your iPhone should launch the Watch App, and then scroll down to the My Watch section and tap the entry for Photos. You can then change the synced album and number of photos saved to your Watch.

Your Watch will update the synced gallery once you convert the Syc Album to another album. Tap on Photos Limit and decrease the number of synced photos to fewer than 25.

How to prevent Apple Watch storage from filling up again

Here are some tips to prevent your Apple Watch from becoming full again.

1. Limit the amount of photos you transfer to your Apple Watch from galleries, podcasts, and audiobooks.

2. Disable the automatic addition of recently played songs.

3. Install only the apps you need on your smart Watch.

In conclusion about Manage Free Space on Apple Watch

If you receive a notification about insufficient storage on your Apple Watch, you should remove the music tracks or photos as soon as possible, as both are almost taking up a lot of space. You can also reclaim storage space on your Apple Watch by removing other apps, audiobooks, and podcasts.


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