Reliance Jio Speed Topped The Chart With A Download Speed Of 2.9 Mbps


In the month of February. Reliance Jio Speed was the fastest, with the average download speed of the company being 20.9 Mbps. TRAI has disclosed this data. Vodafone’s speed was 9.4 Mbps, which was 6.7 Mbps in the month of January. The data has been made by the Public TL Regulatory Authority of IndiaJio Speed was the fastest

If the average download speed of Idea was talked about. It was 5.5 Mbps in the month of January and it improved in the month of February and it reached 5.7 Mbps. Even though Vodafone and Idea have become one and now business simultaneously. But TRAI introduced the data of both of them separately. Jio Speed was the fastest

There has been a slight decline in the speed of Idea and Airtel, which is 3.7 Mbps from 5.6 Mbps. In the case of Geo, this figure was 4.5 Mbps in the month of February, which is the average upload speed. If you also want to check your data speed, you can use the MySpide application.

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