Input Signal not Found HP monitor (100% working Fixes)

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Input Signal not Found HP monitor “Ugh, my HP monitor is seriously testing my patience with this ‘Input Signal not found’ message. It feels like I’m stuck in some kind of technological purgatory, waiting for my computer to show signs of life. It’s like my monitor is playing a cruel joke on me, but I’m not laughing. I need to find a solution before I lose my mind!”

HP monitors tend to experience this issue quite often, and, in most cases, it is relatively easy to troubleshoot. Sometimes, a simple power reset is required, but you’ll have to open up the CPU and clean the internal components as well.

Here we go! Let’s troubleshoot…

Why does Input Signal not Found HP monitor?

To protect other motherboard components from overheating and burning, an air cooler fan is installed on the motherboard.

Did you know that this fan accumulates dust over time and can reduce the performance of RAM and ROM as well?

When the amount of dust and sand in the RAM stick increases, its connection with the motherboard may be disconnected, resulting in an “Input Signal not Found” error.

The “Input Signal Not Found” message could be caused by a dusty RAM stick, an incorrect input source, a damaged display cable, or a loose cable connection.

Take a look at below

This issue has the following reasons here is the Solutions

Disconnect and reconnect the video cable at both the monitor and computer, and ensure it is properly secured.

You have selected the wrong input source Select the correct input source from the monitor’s OSD menu.

Try reseating the RAM or cleaning the RAM.

What can I do to resolve the Input Signal Not Found issue on my HP Monitor?

The first step is to clean the RAM

The biggest cause of this problem is a dusty RAM stick. So before trying anything else, make sure you clean the dust from the RAM and its slot.

To clean it, follow these steps:

The Firts Steps

Open the CPU’s back cover first.

Locate the RAM on the motherboard (usually near the processor).

Take it out very carefully once you find it.

Use a pencil rubber to clean the dust after removing the RAM.

Reinstall the RAM in its slot and put the motherboard back cover on after you are done.

If your HP monitor still displays the same message after restarting your computer, continue to the next step.

To see if it works, you can also reset the CMOS/BIOS battery.

After removing the CMOS battery from the motherboard, hold the power button for about a minute to drain all remaining excess power. After about a minute, replace the CMOS battery.

The Second Step

The second step is to check all the cables and connections

Check all the cables and connections connected to the monitor from the motherboard if cleaning the RAM and slot does not solve the problem.

A damaged cable, the wrong input, or a loose connection can also cause this issue.

It is possible that you connected the display cable to another port on the motherboard without plugging it into the graphics card, or that the cables are not securely attached.

All cables connected to your monitor should be firmly connected. Finally, make sure the display cable is connected to the correct port on the graphics card instead of a different port on the motherboard. Inspect all cables for visual damage if you find any faults.

The Third Step

The third step is to call a repairman

The above methods will not solve your problem if your HP monitor continues to show an “input signal not found” message.

It is possible that your computer’s motherboard circuit or video input ports are damaged.

If you have a warranty, contact HP customer care and let them know about your problem. They will assist you in resolving the issue as soon as possible.

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