Hidden Tricks in smartphones

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In today’s time who doesn’t own a phone. It has become an integral part of our life and the most common phone that everyone has is an Android phone. While most of us know about the special features that these phones offers to us whilst most of is hidden from us and needs a bit of guidance. Well this article certainly will guide you to some hidden features. Lets look at Hidden tricks in smartphones below:

Hidden Tricks in Smartphones

  1. Stop anyone from calling through your phone: Many of us experienced this when someone anonymous or our friends and relatives ask our phone to call someone else and that sometimes also proves to be quiet risky if it gets called to someone else who is well important either accidentally or intentionally as a prank. Well you could put a stop to it by simply dialing on your num pad *31# and all the outgoing calls will be disabled and if you want to enable it again simply dial #31# and outgoing call will be enabled again. This is the hidden trick in smartphones that will come quite handy a lot.


  1. Google Account Sync/ Auto-Sync: This is the most common tricks and feature that is available on android phone which most of us basically choose to ignore but hold on before you disable it lets hear out its advantage. When Auto-Sync is turned on every google apps that you use gets automatically synced up and saved in it, for example if you save any new contacts in your google account and in future your data gets wiped or phone gets lost then with the help of google sync one can get back all the details. Simply go to settings- accounts- Google sync to turn it on.



  1. SAR (Specific Absorption Rate): This might sound way too scientific but it has its importance in checking the radio waves exposure. As too much of exposure to radio waves is harmful, a limit has been set to 1.6 watts/KG and if the device shows more than that value then its bad. One can simply check their device’s SAR value by typing in dial keypad *#07# and it will be shown.


  1. Turn Off Unwanted Notifications: There are lot of apps that one downloads in their phone and next thing you find is the irritating and annoying pop ups and notifications and its sounds, but there is a way to shut those annoying notifications. Simply go to settings and select Notifications and select the apps for whom you don’t want to receive notifications and you won’t receive any further.



  1. Developer Option: The hidden feature in android is Developer options in which there are lot of functions which is quite useful if one knows about them. To activate it simply go to settings and then About and then Tap 7 times on Software and developer options would be activated. After that exit the settings and reopen it and you will the Developer options below.
  2. Self-Test Mode: This feature is quite handy when you want to self test that your smartphone for the well function of touch, speaker, sensor, microphone etc. Simply type *#0*# in your dial pad and you can select the features which you want to test. This is extremely useful when you are buying a second hand phone and want to test features in one go.

NOTE: The above mentioned Self-test feature might not work in all devices.

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