Best way to use Craiyon AI (formerly known as DALL-E mini) in 2023

Best way to use Craiyon AI (formerly known as DALL-E mini) in 2023 TechDriod.Com Website .png
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In this artical we will tell you about this new and best AI tool to generates image which will help you in your art projects .From your text descriptions, Craiyon generates art, drawings, and photos. It also has an Android app.

With the help of artificial intelligence, a number of websites and services can create images and artwork based on your description. Craiyon is one of these sites. You can generate art, drawings, and photos from your text description using the free (but ad-supported) Craiyon web version. The paid version removes the ads and speeds up the process. You can also download Craiyon for Android.

Craiyon: What Is It?

Craiyon is  AI generates images model from text. You enter what you want to see, and Craiyon creates the image. It was originally known as DALL-E Mini, a lighter version of OpenAI’s DALL-E.

The Craiyon application can be used through our website and most people do just that. It can also be downloaded from Github if you want to do more with it than just create memes and images.

Craiyon: How Does It Work?

Originally, the Craiyon model was trained on millions of images from the internet and captions that accompanied them.

Moreover, the model was trained to combine concepts to create new images from any prompt it had a reference for in addition to reproducing the images.

It can create images such as:

In order to accomplish this, three steps must be taken:

(Ex – hedgehog or staring) An encoder converts the text prompt into numbers, which represent the word/string.

As a result, if the model sees a hedgehog in an image, a number will be associated with it.

After passing through a quality filter, the model generates the images from these associations.

Try The Craiyon Demo Yourself TechDriod.Com Website.png

The History Of Craiyon

The AI image generator was first proposed by Boris Dayma at the JAX/Flax Community Week, which took place in June 2021 on the Hugging Face forums as part of Google Cloud’s collaboration. On a single TPUv3-8 provided by Google Cloud during the program, Craiyon was trained for only three days. Despite this short training time and architecture that is 27 times smaller than OpenAI’s DALL·E, it was largely successful.

This caused confusion among users of DALL-E and DALL-E 2, so the name was changed to Craiyon at the request of OpenAI in May and June of 2022.

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Craiyon, designed by Boris Dayma as a free text-to-image AI tool, has advanced through both internal and open-source contributions. You can also access existing images in Craiyon to help with your queries in addition to generating new images. Previously known as DALL-E mini, the site changed its name upon request from OpenAI, who felt the former name was too similar to its own DALL-E image generator.

Craiyon AI: How to get started

1. Go to the Craiyon website

Get started by visiting the Craiyon website. You can sign up for a free account, but you may want to try it out first.

2. Describe your image

Add negative words to exclude items that you don’t want included in your query. Choose the type of image you’d like to see — art, drawing, or photo.

The way you phrase your query and which words you include will determine the accuracy and quality of the results you receive.

It is important to pick a style you are most interested in, according to Craiyon. Additionally, consider joining the Craiyon community on Discord to chat with other users and search for previous images requested by others, as well as play around with different keywords, like “illustration,” “photorealistic,” and “high definition.”

3. Generate results

With the free tier, you’ll have to wait for the image to appear. Craiyon displays several thumbnail images in response.

Generate results Craiyon AI TechDriod.Com Website .png

4. Select an image

The image appears in a larger size. To improve the resolution and quality, click the Upscale button. To save it as a PNG file, click the Screenshot button.

Select an image on Craiyon AI TechDriod.Com Website .png

5. Try a different prompt

Below the images, its may suggest another prompt for fine-tuning or modifying your results.

Try the new prompt by clicking Try this one. Modify the prompt if necessary and then click Draw.

Try another prompt on Craiyon AI TechDriod.Com Website.png

6. New results can be viewed here

A new set of thumbnails is generated, which you can upscale or save. A new prompt is also suggested, which you can modify.

View new results on Craiyon AI TechDriod.Com Website.png

7. View your favorite photos

If you wish to keep track of the generated images, sign up for a free account by clicking the Sign up button at the top. To save an image, click its heart icon.

View your favorite images on Craiyon AI TechDriod.Com Website.png

8. You may also purchase a t-shirt with your favorite image (optional).

To earn money and provide you with some cool swag,  will sell you a $26 t-shirt with your favorite image printed on it. In order to do this, open an image and click on the Print on a T-shirt button. Confirm the image and choose a light or dark theme, and then choose Buy. Confirm your size and place your order.

Buy a t-shirt with your favorite image from Craiyon AI TechDriod.Com Website.png

The Android app: How to use it

Craiyon can also be accessed on Android devices beyond the website. After installing the app, sign into your account if you have created one. From there, you can draw the image just like you would on the website. Type a description of the image, choose a style, and tap Draw. Among the results, tap an image to see it in larger size. You can then upsize, download, or try a different prompt.

Craiyon was made by whom?

It was developed by Boris Dayma at JAX/FLAX Community Week in June of 2021. Boris is a machine learning engineer in Houston, Texas, and is also responsible for HuggingTweets.

What is the working time ?

For locally run instances of Craiyon, the speed depends on your computer’s hardware, and in Google Colab it takes only a few minutes to generate images.

Here are some examples of Craiyon in action

Popularity has grown as a result of its compatibility with zoomer humour. When compared to more sophisticated rivals, its incoherence and unpredictable results add to its attractiveness. Craiyon’s ability to simulate the fever dream that is life on the internet is unique. A last depiction of human cognition tainted by online contact and an insatiable desire for fresh stimuli.

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