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The mush-awaited Android game, Battlegrounds Mobile India has made the Beta version available to download on Google Play. It is available to only those who have signed up for the beta version. The renamed version of PUBG Mobile India is still under development & those who signed up earlier can download the early version of it.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-Registration & Download

The game pre-registration started on 18th May. Already registered users can download and play this game on their phones right now. Battlegrounds Mobile India maker Krafton has launched the early version without prior announcement. The launch date of the game is still unknown yet, Battlegrounds Mobile India Beta version has been rolled out in India. Unlike the original PUBG mobile, Battlegrounds Mobile India is comparatively lighter and size is about 715MB. This version is now available for download on the Google Play Store and Android users can install the game on their phones today onwards and enjoy the game even before the official launch.

However, Krafton chose selected users to be beta testers. Some users can’t see a download button of the game but eagerly waiting, Krafton has noted on its page that this is just the app’s testing program. This means the game will be available to everyone when it is ready for a wider launch. More Early Access slots will be made available frequently throughout the day through the same link:  . Krafton said that any gameplay progress made while in Early Access will be carried over to the final version of the game. That includes in-game purchases too.

Similar to PUBG Mobile, the Battlegrounds Mobile India will allow players to get into a team and participate in a battle royale game where multiple players join in the fight with the last team/man standing. It offers multiple modes, like battle royale mode or a free firefight and one-one TDM matches, you get the idea right?

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