Best Fallout Games, Ranked In 2023

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Which Fallout games rules the Wasteland.

There have been so many fantastic entries in the Fallout series that ranking the best is anything but an easy task. Everyone has different opinions about which post-apocalyptic adventure is the best. Fallout Games began as an Interplay franchise before Bethesda took over, eventually passing the mantle on to Obsidian Entertainment. So, it’s safe to say that it has established quite a varied legacy.

It’s not surprising that Fallout 5, which is one of the upcoming Bethesda games we have to look forward to, has already attracted a great deal of excitement, with the freedom to shape your own story in radically dynamic settings, as well as so many memorable scenarios. We’re in for a long wait until the series returns, so grab a Nuka-Cola and check out our ranking of the best Fallout Games while we wait.

The best Fallout Games

Thaee are lot of version of Fallout Games and given below are name of Fallout Games –

8. Fallout 3

Developer: Bethesda Game Studios

Released: 2008

With Fallout 1 and 2 being more limited, Bethesda’s Fallout 3 truly revolutionised the series. This version brought a 3D open-world experience with a first-person perspective that was completely new at the time. Special skills, Karma and dialogue options were all still part of the game, but there were also some fresh features like VATS – an assisted targeting system. The detailed world rendered out post apocalyptic Washington DC perfectly, with accompanying factions and political divides to add further depth to the game. It might have been released over 10 years ago, but it holds up very well today – an indicator of just how great Fallout 3 really is.

7. Fallout 76

Developer: Bethesda Game Studios

Date of release: 2018

Although the concept of an online Fallout is attractive, Fallout 76 fails to carry the same enchantment and fascination that the older installments enjoyed. At launch, NPCs were absent, making the game all the more desolate and difficult due to numerous game-breaking bugs and broken quests. Fortunately, with the addition of NPCs, it has improved considerably – therefore if you have some buddies to play with, it can be entertaining. Regrettably though, this recent installment does not maintain the same level of appeal as its predecessors.

6. Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

Developer: 14° East

Released: 2001

Ten-hut! Who could forget Paladin Ryczek, otherwise known as Sarge, starting you off as a fledgling Brotherhood of Steel recruit? Fallout Tactics took a departure from the series’ usual offerings and created an engrossing turn-based tactics RPG. It charted its own course, separate from Fallout 1 and 2, but still had a compelling narrative in its own right. Although not everyone’s cup of Nuka-Cola, the game allows multiple opportunities to tackle missions in different ways, making for an exciting and complex challenge.

One of the most memorable lines in any Fallout comes from Ryczek right at the start of the game: “The Elders have ordered me to mold you flabby, hip-slapping, berry picking, rat rubbing, Brahman kissers into capable warriors.” That’s one way to motivate you! You can still gain a lot of freedom as a Brotherhood of Steel recruit, even though it’s less than vault living.

5. Fallout Shelter

Developer: Bethesda Game Studios

2017 release

Do you dream of being an Overseer? Fallout Shelter is the perfect free-to-play management sim to play in the world of the wastelands. This highly addictive game has a great sense of progression, and it won’t try to coax you into buying real-world money. Not only that, but it’s also very generous with in-game currency. Essentially, it’s a Tamagotchi for adults where you’ll get to construct your own vault and take care of its inhabitants by making their lives better. Firstly made for mobile, this title eventually expanded to PC and consoles as well – its simple yet amusing mechanics make it ideal for different kinds of players. Even though it may appear small compared to other games on this list, Fallout Shelter stands out thanks to its recognizable style and Vault Boy animations that will please any fan of the Fallout franchise.

4. Fallout 2

Developer: Black Isle Studios

Released: 1998

Fallout 2 improved on its predecessor, offering something larger and more refined. Many fans see it as the best starting point for the series, since it’s easier to get into. The player takes the role of the Vault Dweller’s heritage, dubbed ‘Chosen One’, who must locate Vault 13’s Garden of Eden Creation Kit (GECK). As expected, things don’t go smoothly. The game kept many of Fallout 1’s features but removed any time-related limitations on quest completions, which made gameplay much more enjoyable. Fallout 2 was considered a pinnacle of post-apocalyptic adventures before subsequent games took the franchise in new directions.

3. Fallout 1

Developer: Interplay Inc

Released: 1997

The foundation of the retro-futuristic world we all know and love was laid down in Fallout 1, where it all began. Taking up residence in Vault 13 in 2161, you venture out into the Wasteland to protect your vault when it is threatened. Even though fans who came to the series much later might be put off by the top down RPG’s style and appearance, it was an essential game in its own right for setting up much of the series’ later work.

The classic branching dialogue, multiple approaches to quests, NPCs and companions to find, plus the Special skills system are all present, giving us a true post-apocalyptic feel. Plus the karma system we’ve seen throughout the series which effects the character’s reputation; although dated by today’s standards, and a UI that hasn’t aged well, it’s worth returning to for it’s historical significance and narrative.

2. Fallout 4

Developer: Bethesda Game Studios

Date of release: 2015

The latest single-player installment has landed itself a spot as one of the top Xbox One games, which is hardly surprising given its abundance of content. Building settlements, uncovering side missions and exploring the mysterious Ghoul-filed town are just some of the activities available in Fallout 4. Despite hours of engaging playtime, it still feels amiss in certain aspects. The withdrawal of features such as Karma from previous games is noticed while even the main storyline feels somewhat obligatory compared to other Fallout installments.

One of the great things about Fallout is its character customisation and its freedom for crafting a personalised journey. But, ultimately you must parentally search for your lost son – regardless of how much stray off-track you take throughout. Although it’s a remarkable game with top-notch combat, something feels like is missing from the overall experience.

1. Fallout: New Vegas

Developer: Obsidian Entertainment

Released: 2010

This game was rigged from the beginning. Fallout: New Vegas is a perfect example of what an RPG should be – it’s one of the best RPG games of all time, by far. Featuring one of the greatest openings in video game history, you play as a courier for Mojave Express delivering a mysterious package. On your way, you’re ambushed and left for dead. Ain’t that a kick in the head? Before you know it, you’re caught up in something bigger.

From the moment you start, you’re in control of how things will play out. Exploring New Vegas’ terrain, you’ll come across numerous disreputable individuals and groups vying for power – the NCR, Caesar’s Legion, and Mr House – all going head-to-head for possession of the Mojave Wasteland. Whether or not you join in, that’s totally up to you. It’s sure to remain an unforgettable experience, featuring some of the best NPCs ever seen in the Fallout series.

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