Why WhatsApp Delayed Deadline To Accept New Privacy Policy

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The Facebook-owned platform, WhatsApp launched its new Privacy Policy on January 2021 that states that users’ private information will be shared with its parent company. The official deadline was initially in February. Yet, recently it has been postponed to May 15 stating that users’ accounts will not be deleted even if they haven’t accepted the new terms, for now. “WhatsApp Delayed Deadline To Accept New Privacy Policy”

Explained: WhatsApp Delayed Deadline To Accept New Privacy Policy

Since WhatsApp had announced its updated Privacy Policy it received backlash from users around the world. Besides, it received an immense complaint from many privacy activists and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), stating that the new policy is “invasive” and that it enabled WhatsApp and other Facebook group companies to track users’ activities that evade the term “end-to-end encryption”. (2)

This could be a reason that triggered fear among the companies to lose numerous users; many either opting for other instant messaging apps such as Signal and Telegram. WhatsApp stated to its users that this was caused due to “misinformation” and the company would continue to reach out to people. It has also said that the new update does not impact the privacy anyone’s privacy. But still, it has deferred the deadline as many people still haven’t done it.

What Are The Options?

Experts have to say that WhatsApp is likely to choose either of two options. Either the platform will roll back the privacy policy completely for now and then later come out with a new policy that will be more acceptable to users. The second option is that the company should wait till the Personal Data Protection Bill is passed by the parliament and then make changes to its privacy policy accordingly.

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