UBER updates and introduces new measures amid COVID-19

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Introduces new update of Uber

Your next Uber ride is going to be very different and unique. The App Cab giant has laid out out and implemented new rules and safety for drivers and passengers. Let’s have a look below:-

  • Uber is making face masks mandatory for both drivers as well as its passengers during the cab ride.
  • Now drivers wont be able to log in and accept rides until and unless they upload a selfie of them wearing a mask which will be detected by uber app software system. Apart from mask the driver must also submit documents and confirm that they don’t have any symptoms of Covid-19.
  • Riders must agree to sit in the back and keep the windows open for ventilation upon drivers insist.
  • Now only 3 passengers are allowed in Uber Premium and Uber Go services, which is down from 4 earlier.
  • Both Riders and drivers can now cancel a trip without any penalty if they don’t feel safe or have any personal reason, however if a user keep on cancelling a ride repeatedly they are on a risk of getting banned.
  • The App Cab giant is also splurging out $50 million (INR 379.38 Crores)globally to buy personal protective equipment for drivers which includes Sanitizers, masks, gloves and disinfectant wipes.
  • Also as a part of experiment uber is planning to install a protective fibre screen between the driver and passengers in 400 cars in England, if they get good reviews then it will be rolled out in other countries as well.

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