Telegram or Signal: What’s Best WhatsApp Alternative?

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Since WhatsApp updated it’s privacy policy everyone is talking about it. Everyone is asking to uninstall WhatsApp and instead shift to Telegram or Signal. So how does WhatsApp differs from Telegram and Signal?

As we know that all the chats and conversations in WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted meaning that no third person can read than other that you and the sender/receiver. The new WhatsApp policy states that it will collect all your personal data like your location, IP address, group details, status information etc. and it will share them with Instagram and Facebook, all technically belonging to Facebook. So people are rearranging their thoughts over what to use.

Signal, Telegram, Whatsapp

WhatsApp vs Telegram

In India both WhatsApp and Telegram are very popular. Then what’s their difference?
1. Unlike WhatsApp, the chats in Telegram are not end-to-end encrypted
But you can create a ‘secret chat’ for special purpose that will be encrypted, thus offering more options for user.
2. File size- The maximum size of file that can be shared in WhatsApp is 100mb, can be photos, videos, docs etc. But in Telegram you can share upto maximum file size of 2GB. That means more full quality videos and even full length movies which people are already using Telegram for, for a long time now.
3. Status Feature- Unfortunately, Telegram do not have any status features unlike WhatsApp where you can share status viz. pictures, 30sec videos that stays for 24 hours.

Signal, Telegram, Whatsapp

4. In a WhatsApp group you can add a maximum of 256 members. But in Telegram it can be a maximum of 2,00,000 members in a single group.
5. Additionally in Telegram you can create your own channel and upload different contents and make people follow you. A more like WhatsApp-Instagram hybrid feature.
6. Unlike WhatsApp where you need saved phone numbers in your contact to find someone in, Telegram reduces that work where just by knowing someone’s user ID you can find them over there.
7. Moreover, in Telegram it is a option for user if you want to send a compressed version of a photo/video or not which in case of WhatsApp is not possible. Any media file sent in WhatsApp is compressed, hence losing quality.

WhatsApp vs Signal

Not much to say as Signal is very similar to WhatsApp and can be a good alternative.
Signal is an open-source platform. Similar to WhatsApp, the conversation service comes with
end-to-end encryption. The main reason for Signal getting such huge popularity is none other than Elon Musk who personally tweeted ‘Use Signal’.

Signal, Telegram, Whatsapp

With the options given and every difference explained between these apps it is really difficult to choose other apps over WhatsApp that we’ve been comfortable with for years now. Although the new WhatsApp policy created lots of suspicion in minds of users, it is not the only app that will collect your data. Instagram and Facebook, even TikTok have been doing it forever. And if we think that way, the new WhatsApp policy is not gonna do is any harm as it may sound. None of us I guarantee, go through the Terms & Conditions of WhatsApp
(or any other apps to say) before agreeing.

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