Some Factors Affecting Search Engine Optimization in 2019

Some Factors Affecting Search Engine Optimization in 2019
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As we know that online everything is valued only if you are on the top 10 results on the Google, else even if you are writing an article with everything you got and still you are not in the top 10 list it’s a total waste of time working on that particular blog. Check out Some Factors Affecting Search Engine Optimization in 2019.

So basically there are a lot of factors which affects Search Engine Optimization. We will start with the Off-Page SEO techniques, What is actually affecting the Off-Page SEO of a website to rank in those top 10 positions of Google.

Some Factors Affecting Search Engine Optimization in 2019

Some Useful Techniques for Off-Page Seo which Works in 2019

We all are well aware of this fact that Off-Page is one of the most important aspects when it comes to ranking your blog post on the top results of a Search engine. Today I will share a list of some awesome Techniques which will help you to improve your Off-Page Seo for your website

  • Backlinks from high Domain Authority(DA) Website
    Try to build backlink from your niche relevant website and try to get links only from the higher authorities website which will let t google know that your website is genuine because you are getting juice from a well High Authority Websites.
  • Use Social Media Power 
    Well try to be consistent about promoting your article on a regular basis on your social media handle, because at the end of the day social media traffic plays a major role when it comes to off page
  • Guest Posting on High DA/PA Websites
    To get a perfect ranking in any of the Search Engine try to post your article on multiple another blog which is related or have the same niche as you have, or in a simple word I can say do guest posting on a high authority websites.
  • Find Influencers related to your Niche
    Now if you are promoting and sharing your post on every social media platform why not trying to promote your website via some kind of social media influencer, well they have a huge amount of traffic source if any of the influencers approved your blog to be shared on their social media handle then Boom! you are ready to go, Overnight you will get a lot of traffic that you have never imagined of.
  • Engage People From Forums
    If you are looking of a centralized amount of the audience then you should find a perfect forum which is totally relevant to your website and try to be active on that Forum, engage with people on the forum, try to build your own community with the help of Forums.
  • Try to Fix All the Broken Links 
    You should be well aware of the fact on which part of your website you are having any kind of broken links, because if your website is having a single broken link which is not directed to any of the live links, then google crawler gets a signal that this website is promoting something fishy. Best way to check how much broken link you have with the help of Ahref, yes it’s a premium SEO tool with it worth a shot you can get a 7-day free trial also do check it out (*Not Sponsered )

So above we saw some of the Secret Off-Page Techniques that if you followed them in a well proper organized way then you will high the Top position in any of the Search engines Present out there.

Well Now you have a rough idea about the Off-Page thing but at the end of your article will not rank if you haven’t selected a proper Keyword. Like here is an example for now,
If you are trying to rank keyword “SEO” and your website is hardly 2 months old it will take  you ages to rank that particular single word keyword in the first page of Google because good players are already in the field playing with everything you can’t replace them you are a newbie sitting on the bench.

So it’ a all about the Proper Keyword like, find a keyword which has low competition then try to rank it, first try to rank 10-15 low competition keyword, then go for the medium competition keyword then at the end it’s time to replace those players who are already in the field because now you have a good amount of keyword ranked. So let’s discuss what are the factors which affect the keyword ranking.

Some Useful And Important Factor Affecting Keyword Ranking In 2019

If you want to survive in the top position of any of the Search Engine you have to focus on these Keyword ranking factors:-

  • Keep Your Website SEO Friendly
    You have to make your website totally SEO friendly, it should not be like you are doing as a hobby or something else. Try to be a Professional. Proper tag, Proper Main Menu, Proper Header, Proper Footer and everything should be Professional and as well as SEO friendly. Or you can use an SEO Friendly Theme which will help you a lot in this factor.
  • Your URL Should be SEO Friendly Aswell 
    Once you are done with setting up your website perfectly SEO friendly you should now focus on your permalinks try to make SEO Friendly Url, which basically means try to avoid symbol like &, *, ^, % in your Permalinks which give a very bad impression to the Google.
  • Maintain The Loading Speed and Responsiveness Of Your Website
    The most important thing is you should try to maintain the speed of the website, loading speed has a huge impact when it comes to ranking if your website doesn’t load fast then your bounce rate will increase for sure, which will send a bad impression to the Google and eventually you will end up degrading your ranking even more.
    And you have to make sure that your website is well responsive in all devices like desktop, mobile tablets. Check out
  • Do A Well Proper Keyword Research
    As I said earlier, if you do proper keyword research then you will get the best results in ranking always try to rank first the low competition keyword then try to move for a little it higher competition keyword. It’s all about the Keyword Difficulty and Keyword Competition you have to do a proper Keyword research with the help of any of the Premium tools or you can use Google Adword Keyword planner which is totally free.
  • Sneak Around your Competitor
    And in the end, you should always keep an eye on your competitor that what kind of strategy they are doing to rank their keyword on the top position on the Search engine, you can keep a track of where they are making backlinks and all.


So basically these were Some Factors Affecting Search Engine Optimization. I am sure if you work on all of the factors you will get the top position on Google in No time. Just Do some Proper Keyword research, try to fix your broken links, Share your post on every social media account and all the thing I mentioned above. Have a look at the latest offer from Spotify.

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