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OnePlus launched its latest seamless smartwatch that costs Rs 14,999 in India. The OnePlus Watch comes in a long pink box with “9R” & “Oneplus” bold branding on it. The box additionally contains OnePlus RedCable Card, a charger with a USB Type-A port & definitely the watch. It has a very simple design (black color with stainless steel case) that gives it a bit classy look. It gives a sense of premium and durability & better than its competitors have to offer. Let’s quickly look at the Specs in brief.

OnePlus Watch Specs

The OnePlus watch comes with a 454 x 454 HD, AMOLED 2.5D glass touchscreen of 1.39 inches. The 326 PPI  watch is powered by an STM32 processor with 4GB of storage & a 402 mAh battery. Other notable specs include Bluetooth 5 + NFC support & GPS enabled. Loudspeaker & Microphone facilities are also available for a good user experience. You need OnePlus Health App on your smartphone that makes pairing with your watch very easy. And then the interface is also fancy. You can change the display of your watch from your smartphone’s OnePlus app itself. The touch sensitivity is absolutely satisfying. You can call & receive calls through this watch.

Even there are many modes in this watch such as different workout modes, heart rate, stress monitor, barometer, Altimeter & so many more. You don’t even have to carry your phone while working out, the watch will track every record for you. If you ensure that the workout has ended every time, the next day when you switch on the workout mode it will show you that the count has been on for an entire day. Even the wrist band is changeable.

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Should You Buy It?

The OnePlus is popular in India for providing premium quality smartphones to users. They have done the same with the smartwatch too. And given the price, it is reasonable with everything it is providing.  So yes definitely if you demand a smartwatch then it’s a very affordable option that actually has a promising quality. The plus point goes to its simplicity & premium feel that many brands don’t launch for some reason.

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