Now You Can Add Caption in Instagram Stories and Reels

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Instagram is always very fast to bring on updates to make the social media experience fun & top-notch. As Instagram reels itself make a different world inside the platform, Instagram now launches very utility features for the stories. (Now You Can Add Caption in Instagram Stories & Reels) (1)

You know how Youtube has caption features for its videos. You can enable them anytime you want to make the content easy to understand as now you can read the words being said. It helps to focus on the content more that also makes ‘watching them without audio easy’. Instagram is also doing the same thing for its users. The social media platform is launching new ‘captions’ that will allow users to watch Stories/Reels without audio.  A good way to improve the accessibility of Instagram Stories & Reels. People who are hard of hearing will specifically get the benefit of such an amazing feature. It will also make our life easier if you are maybe in a crowded surrounding & even headphones can’t help you. Or no access to headphones at all. The style & colors of the caption will also be adjustable like any normal text in Stories.

The feature will only be available in few selected countries at first.  This will transcribe speeches in a video automatically & will be only available in English & in English-speaking countries (at least for now). “Now You Can Add Caption in Instagram Stories & Reels”



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