How Much Will Hulu Advertising Cost?

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Hulu advertising cost is Subscription service based on advertising . In addition to smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and streaming sticks such as Roku and Amazon Fire, Hulu offers a wide selection of television series, reality shows, movies, and animated shows.

A subscription to Hulu provides access to a large library of TV shows, movies, and live and on-demand programming from a variety of networks. In addition to premium channels and unlimited access to the entire library, Hulu also offers a variety of add-ons.

Hulu offers two subscription plans: an ad-supported free version and an ad-free premium subscription. Similar to traditional cable television, the free version runs commercials during ad breaks during episodes, movies, and shows.

Both versions of Hulu are used by many subscribers, with a pretty even split between them.

Phenomenon of cable cutting

A new phenomenon known as cable cutting has been steadily spreading in America, with millions of consumers ditching traditional cable in favor of premium network streaming services. In conjunction with this rise, the advertising industry is also shifting from traditional television advertising to streaming TV advertising, where billions of dollars in revenue are now directed away from TV advertising.

A clever ad platform allows advertisers to measure results more precisely through streamed TV advertising, while finding a vast and almost perfect target audience at competitive rates.

Hulu Advertising Cost: Is it Worth It?

Our opinion is that Hulu ad campaigns are the new big thing in advertising.

Having been backed by the financial juggernaut that is Disney, it is very likely that Hulu will eventually become a global brand on par with, if not bigger than, Amazon and Netflix.

In comparison with TV ads, something about Hulu ads, in particular, makes it quite special: choice-based advertising, which is currently unique to Hulu.

Because of the popularity of ad-based streaming TV, Hulu has had to find new ways to reach people who watch Netflix and Amazon shows without ads without interruption. It presents exciting challenges, but with it comes a new sort of advertising in which consumers only see ads that are relevant to their interests.

Viewers can only see content they wish to watch by using Hulu’s ‘choice-based’ advertising, known as the Hulu ad picker.

The ad selector option is advantageous for advertisers since, although receiving fewer overall views for an advertisement, those who do see it are more likely to find it useful. You can, for example, choose automobile advertisements when looking for a car or movie advertisements if you enjoy watching movies.

Advertising on Hulu is possible?

Hulu provides a self-service advertising platform via which you can reach out to potential clients for your company. There are, of course, some factors to take into account when you are advertising on Hulu. You have to consider price and budgeting, ad management, and how to get in touch with your target audience, among other things.

Hulu Ad Manager

Hulu ad manager is a self-service solution that offers businesses the ability to keep tabs, manage and activate their marketing campaigns. With this tool, you have control over what ads are being viewed by your customers and how you can optimize your approach to reach out to your target audience. Additionally, it provides various tools for marketing and promotion of your business.

There is no lie in statistics

Hulu claims its ad selector generates 24% more desire to buy in viewers and 150% more recall than regular TV ads.

With the Branded Entertainment Selector (BES), viewers can decide whether they want to watch a long ad at the start of their show or frequent ads throughout.

In many aspects, Hulu ads appear to be more effective than traditional TV ads when it comes to raising awareness.

Hulu Ads: How Do They Work?

Hulu is the only streaming service with commercials. Unlike Netflix and Amazon Video, Hulu has a TV network licence that allows them to show advertising.

As a result of Hulu’s ad-supported business model, you can watch as many movies and TV shows as you want, whenever you want. You see some form of advertising every time you watch something on Hulu. Therefore, most of the time, Hulu advertising plays for one of its advertisers.

You can upgrade to the $12.99/month no-ad version of Hulu to view all its content without being interrupted or distracted by advertising.

Formats of Hulu ads

Hulu video commercials, like traditional TV ads, appear regularly in various ad formats. They might be a regular commercial that any business can purchase, or they can be a unique video ad created in collaboration with Hulu.

These Hulu-created advertisements are made to blend in with the current content that the company offers. They are created by the same individuals that produce their shows and are positioned appropriately. For instance, an advertisement for a vehicle is played at a specific time during an episode about vehicles.

Second, when you search for something relevant, Hulu returns sponsored commercials. The advertisements themselves are usually live videos of holiday advertorials, movie trailers, or fast-food promotions.

You can also view non-ad results if you wish.

Durations to choose from

Ads are encoded, hosted, and streamed by Hulu advertising – you just need to create them in MP4 format and upload them through the Hulu ad manager.

Initially, there are three durations available, 7-, 15-, or 30-second ads, with 15 seconds being the most popular choice among most advertisers. These ads are usually played before or after a show starts (not interrupting the program), and are usually not enabled to skip.

New advertisers often start with a cheaper 7-second advert during the testing phase and then increase the duration as the campaign progresses.

These ads play during the show and are normally 30 to 90 seconds in duration. They are skip-enabled, provided that a certain time period has passed during the show.

Aside from the previously mentioned video ads, there are a couple of other advertising options available through the Hulu ad manager, which enable marketers to choose different types of ads.

Slate ads with branded content

In the same way that traditional television slate ads say ‘this program is brought to you by’, branded slate ads are static one-page ads with your brand logo attached. They are typically shown immediately before and after a program.


As part of its GatewayGo ads strategy, Hulu uses QR codes and push notifications to present notification messages, mainly on mobile devices. Advertisers can sponsor GatewayGo ads with static messages.

Ads that are interactive

A recent addition to Hulu’s ad strategy is interactive ads that allow viewers to subscribe to email offers.

What is the cost?

Hulu ads are generally much cheaper than you might think in terms of cost. Advertisers are reporting a drop in average rates, as low as $25 per thousand impressions. Fees used to be between $35 and $45 CPM (cost per thousand views or impressions).

There are a variety of costs depending on the type of video, the time, the audience, and the spot. It is possible to purchase pre-roll spots for as little as $5 – $10 per thousand views, which can be used to retarget your target audience during in-show ads.

Due to more stringent ad account management, we recommend hiring an agency like Taradel for your Hulu advertising campaign. It is not uncommon to burn through ad budgets when dealing directly with Hulu: Hulu sometimes repeats the same ads to the same people, resulting in saturation. This risk can be negated through careful account management and direct contact with Hulu’s ad managers when you hire an agency.

Planning a Budget

Advertising on Hulu is not an inexpensive task, so planning your budget is essential. As previously mentioned, the lowest cost for Hulu advertisement is $500. This depends on your budget.

Payment and Tracking

Debit cards or business accounts are not accepted for payment on Hulu. In the ad manager, you can track your analytics and impressions of your advertisement if you choose to pause or cancel your ad campaign. You will only be charged for impressions that have recently been delivered.

The final word

Advertising on Hulu is quite appealing, and with the current ‘cable cutting’ environment, it seems that streaming platforms will be the future for marketers who are savvy. Unlike TV advertising, Hulu ad measurement allows for a far more measurable campaign through video ads, static ads, and various other types of ad placements.

In contrast to other sites where your content would be drowned out by inferior advertising structures, Hulu’s advertising fits the caliber of their current platform. As a result, Hulu does appear to be advertiser-friendly, with forward-looking innovations in place to make ads more appealing.

Get in touch with Taradel to discuss the various options for advertising on Hulu.

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