How To Unlock iPhone With Mask On

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Apple has added a new valuable update to iPhones- a new way to unlock your iPhone. Since the pandemic, & people coping up with changes, face detection on smartphones to unlock has got difficult. When most of the time you have to do is take off your mask & unlock your smartphones. iPhones are Face-ID protected which makes it extremely secure than fingerprint unlock. But Apple is trying to resolve that problem for its user.

iPhone Unlock With Mask On Update

The ultimate solution lies in Apple Watch, & the fact that you have one. All you need to do is install iOS 14.5 on your iPhone. Then go to your ‘Settings’ & select ‘General’ & finally tap on ‘Software Update’. Your device will get connected to Apple’s servers & the updates will get installed. Once your iPhone reboots you will be ready. Just make sure that your device is fully charged & has a strong internet(or WiFi) connection before the process. You can also update to iPadOS 14.5. “How To Unlock iPhone With Mask On”

The next step to be sure of is that your Apple watch should have watchOS 7.4 installed for this. You can turn on ‘Unlock with Apple Watch’. Then move into Settings again & select ‘Face ID & Passcode’ & enter your PIN. Scroll down to the ‘Unlock with Apple Watch’ option where you can toggle the option ON or OFF. Turn it ON & that’s it.

Now let’s come to the face mask unlock & see how it will work. When wearing one all you have to do is hold your phone up like you usually do & it will unlock your device with Face ID. You will feel a tactile tap on your wrist. There is also a button on your Apple Watch to lock your phone.

Honestly, it feels like too much work & for non-Apple users, I think it is still comfortable & better to unlock it in the usual way.



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