How to Configure TWC Roadrunner Email with SMTP Server Settings?

How to Configure TWC Roadrunner Email with SMTP Server Settings?
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One of the greatest webmail services is the Roadrunner Email services, which is provided by the time warner cable systems. There have been constant advancements in the services of the roadrunner that are being used extensively by the users. In this article, we are to read about the RR email login process and how a user can configure his TWC Roadrunner email account.

  • Roadrunner services are one of the best webmail services and have gained a lot of popularity because of the amazing features that it offers.
  • The roadrunner email services make it very simple for effective and efficient communication over the emails.

Let us have a look at the amazing features of the roadrunner Email

  • Security: The roadrunner services provide security to the users and there are extra security features like blocking or the mail filtering, user authentication, and the parental control features.
  • Address book: The address book or the contacts option in the roadrunner email services allow the user to search for any particular contact or send a message to a particular contact.
  • Sub-accounts activation: Along with the unique email addresses and the distinguished screens, the roadrunner users can activate the sub-accounts.

The email services provided by the roadrunner are second to none. The Roadrunner email server settings are quite easy to be set up by anyone. The roadrunner email services are based on the internet servers which are used for sending and receiving the emails.

In this article, let us have a deeper knowledge of the SMTP server settings of the roadrunner emails.

What is the need for the SMTP servers?

The SMTP server is required for the basic two reasons.

  • The first one is that this ensures that anyone who attempts to send the outgoing email through the SMTP is able to do so.
  • The second purpose is to enable the sending of the outgoing mails and if the mails are not delivered then the message is sent back to the sender.
  • Get to know about the SMTP server settings and the manual setup for the roadrunner email account on android or the mac or apple products.

Roadrunner Email settings for the SMTP and Imap Server

Follow the given below steps to configure the correct roadrunner SMTP settings. The correct settings will automatically solve most of the Roadrunner email problems.

How to Configure TWC Roadrunner Email with SMTP Server Settings?

Steps for the Android phone:

  • Go to the application screen of the android phone and click on the mail icon.
  • Select the manual setup for the mail account
  • Click on the IMAP option and follow the given below details to be filled in:
  • IMAP server:
  • Security: none
  • Port: For IMAP 993
  • Security port: 993 and the security type as SSL/TLS
  • Insecure port: 143 and the security type: None
  • Set the SMTP settings as the following :

Set the SMTP server as and the security type as none. Set the port of outgoing SMTP as 587 and the security type as SSL/TLS. Make the outgoing SMTP roaming server i.e the insecure port as 587 and security type as None.

Click on the done option and your roadrunner email account is all set for use on the android phone.

How to Configure TWC Roadrunner Email with SMTP Server Settings?

Steps for iPhone or Ipad:

For IOS Developers On the iPhone or iPad click on the settings icon.
● Click on the settings window and select the mail option
● Select the accounts and on the next screen add account and select others in the main menu
● Select the option of add mail account
● Fill in the credentials required for the RR email login and click on next option
● On the next screen select IMAP and enter the details given below:
● Incoming and outgoing server hostname as
● In the next step click on the continue and save option
● Click on the account just created
● Choose the SMTP server and check the SMTP server settings as:

  1. Outgoing server name as
  2. Username as the email address
  3. Password as the email password
  4. Use SSL On
  5. Select the outgoing server secure as port 465
  6. Outgoing roaming server as the port 587 and the security type SSL.
  7. Outgoing SMTP port as the port 25 and security as None
  8. Outgoing insecure port as 587 and the security as none
  9. For the authentication provide the password
  10. Server port as 587.
    And you have successfully set the SMTP settings for the roadrunner email account.

In case if you still face some roadrunner email problems, then you may contact the roadrunner email support. They provide the best in class customer support. Call anytime on the support number and get the best assistance for your problems. If you still face difficulty with the roadrunner email password reset, contact the support team now.

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