All Problems On Whatsapp Backups Answered

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Whatsapp Backups Answered: – We definitely feel a lot of problems with WhatsApp that are still unexplored. Although we are familiar with some of the solutions but mostly, users are uncertain about them thus, making a habit to go on with such problems. So, this article is listed the main known problems while backing up and restoring chat history from a WhatsApp backup. Here we will cover solutions for both Android & iOS. “WhatsApp Backups Answered”

WhatsApp Solution for iOS
  1. Sometimes, WhatsApp doesn’t see the previous backup after the reinstallation. The solution is that to check & verify if WhatsApp has permission to read files on iCloud. This is done by visiting iPhone Settings –> iCloud –> WhatsApp. If you see it’s already turned on, then verify if you’re using the correct Apple ID.
  2. What if your Backup gets stuck randomly? It solely depends on your iCloud space. You are supposed to have more space available in your iCloud account than the actual size of your backup which is supposedly 2.05 times more. Else you have to buy an iCloud plan.
  3. Not seeing media after WhatsApp has restored my chat history is a problem that WhatsApp should have fixed a lot earlier but somehow they didn’t. What you can only do is uninstall it & reinstall WhatsApp again. But another safest way is to back up your chat history from iCloud Settings –> iCloud Backup –> Back Up Now. This method backs up the entire content of your device, which you can restore when you switch to a new iPhone.
WhatsApp Solution for Android
  1. Reinstalling WhatsApp but couldn’t see your previous backup. Similar to iOS solution make sure you are using the correct Google Account. If the problem still exists, you can try logging out and signing in again. This sometimes helps with WhatsApp backup.
  2. Sometimes it often happens that the backup gets stuck at 99%.  The best thing to do will be to restart your backup again.
  3. It takes too long in Backup as some people are experiencing it on Android 11 devices. What you can do here is turn off the battery optimization for WhatsApp.
  4. Another problem that users often face is WhatsApp never ends to back up the chat history or it’s automatically canceled. This can be an issue with your device data on your Android version. It is mandatory to make sure that the battery optimization for WhatsApp is turned off.

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular & preferred chatting app used around the world & it does have its issues. Even then people won’t be moving to any other chatting app; not anytime soon. “WhatsApp Backups Answered”



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