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Alesis iO 14 uses state-of-the-art FireWire technology to deliver professional-level features such as Alesis High Definition Microphone Preamps, Cirrus audiophile converters, and jitter elimination technology, along with high-quality 24bit/192k audio input. Featuring dual headphone outputs, line-level inserts on the mic preamps, 48V phantom power, 5 segment signal/clip meters, and full MIDI and S/PDIF I/O in a convenient, portable design, the iO14 is designed for easy use with PC and Mac.

With ADAT lightpipe inputs for additional connectivity, the iO 14 offers future–thinking expansion potential. The Hardware Direct Monitoring feature allows you to send a customized, latency-free mix to each output pair, and includes an AC adapter for those who use FireWire interfaces that don’t provide power.

The iO 14 gives you the Alesis performance that professionals have depended on for decades, no matter where you are.

Overview of the Alesis iO 14

There are fourteen inputs, including four analog microphone/instrument preamps, eight channels of ADAT digital audio, and two channels of S/PDIF. The iO-14 is a multi-channel 24-bit/192kHz FireWire audio/MIDI interface with high definition microphone preamps.

Two switchable high impedance inputs allow for direct guitar and bass recording. The microphone preamps provide 48V phantom power, switchable in pairs and have an insert for external processing before the A/D converters. All four channels are equipped with LED meters that provide visual feedback regarding their status.

Four analog and ten digital inputs on a FireWire interface

Monitor and record 24-bit audio with sampling rates up to 192kHz (Cubase LE only supports 16-bit audio).

Analog and digital sources are monitored without latency

Sixteen channels of MIDI I/O

Powered by FireWire bus or adapter

A complete recording studio is included with Cubase LE software


FireWire interface with 14 inputs and 4 outputs from Alesis

(Windows) Installation

BEFORE you plug your IO14 or IO26 into your computer for the first time, download and install the drivers from http://www.alesis.com-or insert the software CD into your computer’s CD drive.

First, install the software/drivers

Before you plug your IO14 or IO26 into your computer for the first time, please follow these steps.

Run the Alesis installer(s).

Your computer will be installed with one or more of these programs (there may be more than one):

1. The drivers are the components that allow your computer to identify and interact with your IO14 or IO26. You don’t interact directly with the drivers, but they must be installed on your computer to work.

2. In the control panel, you can set sample rates, clock sources, buffer sizes, and other settings.

3. For a minimal amount of latency (delay) when recording, you can route the IO14 or IO26 inputs directly to its outputs with this application. Additionally, the Hardware Direct Monitoring Panel lets you assign Headphone2 and S/PDIF outputs. When Windows warns you that the drivers have not passed Microsoft Logo Certification during each installation, click “Continue Anyway”.

Your IO 14 or IO 26 should be connected

Connect your IO 14 or IO 26 to your computer using a Firewire cable

Watch for one of the lights on the unit to turn on within a few minutes

If a light does not turn on-or if you are using a

A notebook computer with a four-pin Firewire connector –

Connect the external AC adapter.

Windows will recognize IO 14 or IO 26 and start the Found New process

The installation process will automatically install the hardware wizard

One by one, these drivers will be installed.

Install the drivers when prompted

Install automatically or search for a specific location

They are automatically generated.

When asked if you want to connect to the Internet

Choose not to check for the latest driver.

The installer will continue installing the various sets of drivers until

The message “Your new hardware has been installed” appears

No need to cancel any of the installations, as they are all ready to use

For proper operation, this is required.


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